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Tap Tap Punch

Tap Tap Punch

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Tap Tap Punch
Tap Tap Punch
Tap Tap Punch
Tap Tap Punch

The description of Tap Tap Punch

The Riot of Losers!
From school loser to the top!
Destroy all the bullies!

Become 1st and leave a name in the world.

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■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■

The old retro arcade game!
From school loser to the top!

Dear bullied students,
Become the bully and create a world without bullying!

Beat the bullies that have bullied you!
Defeat bullies, hoodlums and bad guys!

Tap away to feel the destruction on the tip of your fingers!

■■■■■Game Features■■■■■

Challenge Mode
- 1 on 1 battles with 5 bullies and bosses such as gang members.

Training Mode
- Train using sandbags to fight with bosses.

- Shuttle Kim : A character that is always bullied.
- Bully Choi : A bully and Shuttle Kim's first opponent.
- Hoodlum Yang : Always takes money from the alleys.
- Rider Park : Rides his bike wrecklessly in tiny streets.
- Gangsta Kang : A real powerful gangsta
- Yabetterun Ka : The final boss that is said to be a part of the Mafia in the past.

How to Play
- Watch for falling Blocks and press the blocks corresponding to attack and dodge.

Mobile action game with a twist of karma "Tap Tap Punch"
The valuable reviews that you leave behind are great for the developers ^^

From school loser to the top!
DaeriSoft's games will continue!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up