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Wildbox: Survival Lands

Wildbox: Survival Lands

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Wildbox: Survival Lands
Wildbox: Survival Lands
Wildbox: Survival Lands
Wildbox: Survival Lands

The description of Wildbox: Survival Lands

Welcome to the magical lands, full of adventures and dangers. Those who want to stay here longer will have to learn how to survive in these places full of unpredictable events. Each world in the game is unique, landscapes, forests, mountains, animals, enemies - all this for each player will be unique, the task is very simple - to survive as many days as possible in one of such worlds, but it is important to remember - the game world does not stand still , it develops and changes with the player! Forests will grow, populations of animals will change, and camps with zombies will fill the wasteland more and more, try to survive in this world!

Every world in the game is unique. The island on which the player and will have to survive is generated randomly, so the game worlds can be explored for a long time, visiting more and more new islands and discovering new secrets.

The game offers a variety of options for survival - picking berries, mushrooms, hunting for animals, fishing, each player has the right to decide for themselves which way it will be easier for him to survive on the island

To survive on the island, the player is provided with an extensive crafting system: tools, weapons, constructions, decorations. A lot of possibilities of creating objects from improvised means.

A variety of resource variations - wood, stone, ore, vines, various soil variations - all this will come to the player for help with crafting and survival

The game world is set up aggressive - with the course of game time it will wander more and more enemies, and camps with zombies and skeletons will flood the wasteland, be ready to fight back!

To survive and quickly move there is the possibility of creating vechicles! Now to move from one end of the island to another is no longer a problem!

The game world is constantly expanding and changing - nothing stands still here! Forests grow, enemies are rallied in groups, and wastelands are built up with complex structures!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up