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Metal SWAT - Gun for survival

Metal SWAT - Gun for survival

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Metal SWAT - Gun for survival

The description of Metal SWAT - Gun for survival

Metal soldiers are doing their best to attack enemies.You will be introduced to the metal commando and be the most skilled to fight the zombies.Use the best fighting skills to help the army soldier defeat the zombies - alien.

- So many guns for you: such as shotgun, machine gun, rifles, rocket, UPS, AK-47, AWP.. and smoke, hydro grenades.
- Campain with 100+ challenge Levels
- Offline mode does not require internet.
- There are many levels and upgrades are ongoing.
- Epic graphic
- Sound effects are strong.
- Low capacity, smooth running game.
- Metal squad soldiers are waiting for you, war is coming soon …

When winning a level there will be other levels waiting for you, pay attention to changing weapons and tactics to help metal soldiers work more easily.

When the battle begins, each metal soldiers needs to repel dangerous monsters that constantly attack them. Army soldier shoots them dead whenever possible but beware of being killed. This is a frenzied battle, you must use good timing and skill to help the soldier revenge stronger. Try not to be killed by the zombies.

You will be shocked with the graphics and sound effects of the metal gun. You are the hero of the soldier revenge bringing the best justice battles to the army soldier. Be smart to use your skills to fight the metal guns.

Some extremely dangerous zombies and metal squad will need stronger weapons to kill the zombies more easily. Through each stage you need to upgrade attacks, armor, health are better to fight the best.

There are different levels in the game, attack, defense is really important in how to attack the metal commando to win the enemy. You can upgrade or even buy more guns. The skill allows the soldier revenge to increase its power many times and kill enemies in a blink of an eye during each battle.

Metal SWAT is an unforgettable experience, is the best choice. Heroes require highly skilled professionals. You will help our metal commando in his fight and kill against the enemy.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4 +