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Hunt 3D : Hunter Simulator

Hunt 3D : Hunter Simulator

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Hunt 3D : Hunter Simulator

The description of Hunt 3D : Hunter Simulator

Caution: Great killing ahead!

Hunt 3D is an incredible shooting game to hunt wild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest hunter game with dangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world.

You, as a Hunter need to immerse yourself in a vast jungle environment to kill huge animals, but try to hunt them down before they do so to you. Become an incredible and most wanted hunter by killing dangerous predators from all over the world in a hunting safari. Hunt deer, bears, cheetahs, rhinos and many more ferocious animals.

Enjoy the unique feature by taking your own picture with hunted animal and share with your friends. Now you can experience the ultimate shooting from helicopter, enjoy the chopper view and become wild hunter! While hunting customize all your weapons by upgrading scopes, barrels, magazines etc. for the perfect shot.

Take down all the dangerous predators from the car roof and take the hunting safari to the next level. Aim and shoot to kill the animals from running car and be the best shooter. While playing this incredible hunting game, you can earn best hunt badges to become the best hunter.

This hunting safari is the perfect hunter simulator for you to play and it's totally free!

If you have any suggestions to improve, please contact us. We will try to implement it as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3 +