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Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D

Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D

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Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D

The description of Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D

Become the captain of your own majestic pirate submarine! Dive to the fantastic depth, explore the ocean, destruct the enemy ships, steal the goods and have fun playing Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D!

Dip into the underwater atmosphere and fulfill your pirate's duty! Ravage the other submarines, become the real terror of the underwater world! Your mission is to sail the open seas with your faithful crew, defeat your cruel enemies and steal the riches! Do your best and become the real pirate king of the underwater world controling your amazing pirate submarine!

Mind that not only enemies, but also water pressure could damage your submarine! Think ahead and don’t dive below dangerous level; your brave pirate crew will fix any wreck, but it usually takes much time! Control your submarine attentively and do your best to complete all missions playing Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D!

Earn points for successfully done missions and upgrade your mighty submarine to accomplish every lower level missions! Improve your sight to make a torpedo launcher more accurate, be cool and use all power of your underwater ship, and you’ll achieve a great success!

Pirate Submarine Simulator 3D features:
• Realistic submarine driving simulator
• Different interesting missions
• Wide range of levels of underwater pressure
• Outstanding 3D graphics

Yo ho ho, ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for the underwater adventure? So dip into the underwater atmosphere! Become a captain of dexterous pirate submarine, dive through the ocean waters, hit your every target accurately and have fun Submarine Deep Sea Diving Simulator!

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Version: 4.2 +