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Alpha Cover Shooter and US Army

Alpha Cover Shooter and US Army

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Alpha Cover Shooter and US Army

The description of Alpha Cover Shooter and US Army

Welcome to Alpha Cover Shooter you have to lead from the front as you are the last survivor commando and become the best cover shooter, commando with cover fire.
Modern soldier are there to destroy the peace of word as they strike again and again. New and improved weapons are at your disposal to help lead the allied forces to victory. Strike against terrorists and enemy forces also, tack cover before fire using rifles, grenades, sniper. Limitless shooter action! Welcome to the resistance. Equip yourself with most modern weapon & feel as alpha shooter of shooting game.
Show your shooting skills with right time and aim accuracy. when you fail you will die, use cover and aim right position and fire again and also use grenade with aim on enemy position.
You as a stealth alpha commando soldier is called to rescue these people from the capture of terrorists. But this time you have many mission within fixed time duration. Controls of alpha cover fire game are very easy. Player move forward and shooting, Player take cover at any secure position and the aim is in your hand or position automatically, and fire the enemies. Reload and grenade button as well. Play this game more and polish your commando games skills.
• Full with cover & thrill game.
• More than 10 Missions those are uniquely designed
• Realistic effects and multiple new challenges to your mission
• Destroy city base real environment with best graphics
• Amazing military weapons with best controls
• Best Shooting game
• Real sound effects with battle background.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+