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Craft Island Survival 3D

Craft Island Survival 3D

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Craft Island Survival 3D

The description of Craft Island Survival 3D

Everything you know - you are lost. Face the hardcore survival! Stay here as long as you can. Hunt for animals, craft tools, explore, and try to escape from the lost island. Keep your health and energy. Find treasures, Craft Island is full of secrets.

Features of Craft Island Survival 3D:

- You can craft new things
- Many lost places to explore
- Survival atmosphere
- Dangerous animals
- Hidden treasures
- Unusual graphics

Craft Island Survival is for real men. Use all your skills for hunt, craft and not to get lost. Maintain your energy to escape from the Island. Watch your health - animals can hurt you.

It is an alpha version of Craft Island Survival 3D. Please, write your ideas below. Any comment is very important for us. Also, we are working on a multiplayer mode. Tell us what new animals or features you want to see there.

Is there any escape from Craft Island? Or you are lost forever? Earn money and craft new tools to check it. Use everything to escape. There are a lot of craft recipes. You need them all for your survival.

Being lost it is not your biggest problem. Who are you? How to escape? What to craft? Are these animals bad? Ok, inside Craft Island Survival 3D you have tips how to craft, but you are still lost. Help yourself to escape from the island or fight! Damned animals are hungry and dangerous.

Explore locations - the ocean, hills, trees. Walk, jump, kick, swim. Discover all lost secrets. Be careful. The the ocean is dangerous, it is really hard to escape and craft. Be ready to meet unfriendly animals, they are against your survival.

Craft to stay alive, escape yourself from the island, kill the animals, or the animals kill you.
Start your escape right now! Try our Craft Island Survival 3D, it is so cool!
And don't forget to share your ideas with game developers.

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.4+