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Military Island Survival

Military Island Survival

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Military Island Survival

The description of Military Island Survival

Military Island survival is a survival game where you helicopter is crashed near an island and you swim over to the beach and then survive. to survive you have to hunt, collect objects and make a raft and escape the island for good.
Military Island Survival & Escape Story - Survival and Crafting game of extreme sea adventure starts on mysterious island of Lian Yu. Your character is Captain Philip Lonely survival on a wild islandBegins after your Ship wrecked in the middle of the sea far away from shores. Now you have to survive the ocean tides and get landed on an extreme lonely mysterious island of no man’sIsland, using your swimming skills. For longer survival against wild animal you have to utilize your lone Survival skills - hunting and shooting skills to survive and fight against wild animals andHaunted Zombies to find way to survive and find escape from the frightened Island. To complete deadly mission to survive on deadly shores of mysterious island of no men hunt rather than gettinghunted by dangerous wild beasts like wolf, lion, Snacks, Scorpions and crocodile . Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape. Make the best sea adventure escape story on a dangerouslonely island to survive and return back home.

In this Military Island Survival & Escape Story - captivating and the best survival island 2017 game, you are in the middle of a titanic sea on Jungle Island surrounded by the earth’s oldest creatures anddesolate beasts. You are equipped with no modern weapons you have to find debris and employ them for your lone island survival and sea escape.

Raft crafting and Survival depends how plan to escape the island via Raft Crafting. Survival on this wilderness and mysterious island of no men is a tough challenge where you need to grab multiplekits likes hammer, Axe, stones, foundations, pillars and more. You will also need ropes, metal and wood to start crafting. Gather debris from the water in order to craft equipment necessary for yourharsh life survival. Be the survival fighter hero and get ready to find tools and resources that would help you in crafting big raft to escape the sea. Survival land adventures begins with a hardtime escape from lost Island along with wilder wolf roaming freely on the island and are in hunt of prey, be cautious and defend yourself from island wilderness and other dangers. Use your Axe,sword, knife and weapons to defend yourself from dangerous wild animals.

Find cave for your stay, Swim through the streams, find ropes, build fences, hunt down animals for food, build shelter, make fire, fight and kill the animals that mayattack you, build raft out of woods and ropes and escape the island by making a super hit sea escape story.

Enjoy Military Island Survival & Escape Story the best survival sea adventure simulator of 2019 on no men island as a real escape hero. Dent your name as the real super survival fighter of the 2019. survive, fight for your life like a real survival fighter hero and craft a raft in sea escape Simulator of 2019! Advance your action skills - fighting, swimming,crafting, deer stalking, exploring and gigantic escaping skills with this adventure simulator to make the best Military Island Survival & Escape Story.

Military Island Survival & Escape Story Features
Island survival sandbox simulator.
Amazing Adventure Simulator
Superb 3D Graphics and Sound Effects
Engaging Gameplay where you learn to Survive
Different Island Survival Missions
Craft Raft, Fight Animals, Find Tools and Much More
Explore the wilderness and choose your prey for hunting!
Axe the wood in the forest for craft, fuel and building your home.
Build shelter for yourself and put fences around to survive in the island.
Craft armor and weapons for fighting wild animals.
Use your shooting, action and creative skill to craft the raft.
Don’t starve, survivor: collect all available resources to keep yourself fed.
Keep track of your health, or you won’t survive…

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Version: 4.1+