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Fat Daddy : Scary Horror Game Adventure

Fat Daddy : Scary Horror Game Adventure

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Fat Daddy : Scary Horror Game Adventure

The description of Fat Daddy : Scary Horror Game Adventure

Our Mystery and survival in a school saved by a horror and scary Fat Daddy that anytime by your sides when she hears any noise(be Cautious).

Fat Daddy looks to be a mix between a Scary Granny and S spirit or a ghost, victim of a dead soul or a Zombie plague.

If you fail to escape from the Fat Daddy the death is waiting for you before your adventure will have finished.

Try to hide yourself anywhere!! Inside a classroom or any places inside or out the school.
As an Advice the best place to hide yourself from the Fat Daddy is the farm or the parking area.

Using Bendy weapons are good useful idea to complete puzzles, like a gum gun or explosive doll, eraser or marker...anything that you can make it explode.

Scary dead Fat is starving to kill you, be ready and solve the puzzle and save yourself then run away of death and save your soul.

Being Alone is scary? In our game is "Not", in this adventure escape and survival game you'll never feel afraid when you're alone.

Far from our Scary granny Mum, there is there are also your neighbors... find a mystery hidden in the laundry room. Children are throwing here and there, are they alive or dead?
Those dead body leave a scary feeling that those children couldn't escape from the this scary school and horror Grandma.

Be Careful and pay attention and try to rescue and be the first one who escapes from this scary school and dreadful Granny Mum.

Solve the puzzle and become the hero in our game and share it with your friend and show how excellent you are.

Halloween's is still far but you'll live in our dreadful school, because if you've never beat a zombie or any other strange creators of halloween, say Hi to dead Fat and show your competence and skills in this adventure and try to survive until the end.

Our team make some updates with some surprises with new features and new scary levels.

Enjoy & Have fun

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+