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Cat and Mouse surf the subway Dash

Cat and Mouse surf the subway Dash

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The description of Cat and Mouse surf the subway Dash

Cat and mouse are surfing the fun and challenging subway tracks to not get caught. Run mouse just run, the cat is after you to get u, mouse has to jump over many obstacles to avoid the cute looking cat from catching up and making mouse lose the round. As you see the trains in the subway coming avoid them by making mouse jump over them or sliding under them. This cat and mouse game is super fun for all ages.
Unlock many different shapes and fun outfits for mouse as the cat will not notice u this way and this game will bring u much joy. Put your mouse superhero powers to good use as u leap bounds above any train on the subway that might be coming towards you with unlocked superpowers. You are the super hero in this amazing and challenging game. This Cat and mouse game brings you to the edge of the screen as the excitement gets more and more as u progress through the subway tracks. Its super easy to navigate this game when 1st started but as the mouse tries to avoid the cat and the longer the subway tracks extended the harder and more items u will find in your way.
Look around carefully, you will see many items floating in the sky or on the ground that will give you the super powers u desire to become the mouse knows as the superhero mouse. Pick them up and get awesome and fun boosts to your game play.
Navigate the harsh subway tracks by having as many power ups as possible and make sure mouse gets to the finish line without the cat catching up to him. You are the new hero in our city and you will rescue the mouse and give him victory.
Please help us grow our app by contacting us via email and letting us know how and what we can add or change to make it more and more fun for all cat and mouse run game lovers.
Thank you and we hope u truly enjoy our game.

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Version: 4.3+