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City Crafting

City Crafting

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City Crafting
City Crafting
City Crafting

The description of City Crafting

We are brining to you this excellent worldcraft in limitless world, where you can do, whatever you want. Are you tired of oldfashioned and classic crafting textures and models? If so, this is right place for you! You will appear in the industrial city of 70s, where you can find already prepared beautiful building. If you won´t like it, you can of course rebuild them or build some new ones.

These times brings also old cars, oldfashioned citizens and many other interesting things. In the whole town, you can also find many power lines, which supply the city with electric energy.

Mini game
3D free game
Block craft
New extra models

How To Play
Explore the town!
Make some new factories!
Build yourself a house!
Pick up your favourite car or truck!
Make new roads!

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Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[41 MB]