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Rooms & Doors - escape quest

Rooms & Doors - escape quest

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Rooms & Doors - escape quest
Rooms & Doors - escape quest
Rooms & Doors - escape quest

The description of Rooms & Doors - escape quest

Doors and rooms
During the honeymoon you're stuck in the woods because of a broken wheel of car. Your bride decided that in the nearest house she will find a help. But she gets into the trap of crazy widower, right after entering doors in front of house. You need to save her, but first you need to escape the room too.
The game of famous games genre - rooms escape similar to classics quest genre - open door and you won’t to stop escaping.
Broke through the hundred doors, solve physically based puzzles, open locked doors, unlock gates, up on elevators to the next floors and so on, door to door to scape out of that locked rooms.
Rooms & Doors features:
- A hundred locked doors awaits you to escape
- Find hidden clues to find out of what happened with residents and who build that puzzle
- Game story written by professional programmer
- Unique analogue code lock styles brought to you from our childhood - enjoy please :)
- Smooth curve of level of difficulty of puzzles
- Hints system that shows you a complete walkthrough for the room escape
- User friendly interface
- Different themed doors
- Nice steampunk style graphics with cool nixie tubes
- New floors to escape after update
- Free game coins
- Optimized for phones and tablets
- Suitable to play in the break room
- Made with love

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher