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Can You Escape Brain Teasers

Can You Escape Brain Teasers

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Can You Escape Brain Teasers
Can You Escape Brain Teasers
Can You Escape Brain Teasers

The description of Can You Escape Brain Teasers

Can you escape? NEW SEASON! All the new objects and new features to play with new homes! If you love to make a trap mysterious manor escape plan out of the house! Yes, you're right! This is a brain training game for you!
Can you escape each room by opening the door? Each room is full of intelligence and you need to escape it all. Use the objects in the game to get clues, solve puzzles and open doors. This is fun, challenging and addictive.
You Can Achieve Escape Game Features:
- Free game
- Entertaining levels.
- brain-teasing puzzles.
- Nice design
- Eye-catching graphics
- High dependency
- Efficient, effective and convenient
- Do you have what it takes to escape the room?
- a treat to escape the room type game fans
- Awesome idea with brain-teasing game features
- Suitable for children and adults!
- Addicting mini puzzles
- different themed rooms and hidden objects
- Time travel getaway features
- opens the super brain features
What do you think, is where he managed to escape the fate? If the "Escape" Can you ready to try? This Playstore a super brain freeze game.
40x Escape and brain break, escape the room as crushing and adventure game! This is not brain game for a child, but also the brain age, brain doctor and brain teaser game is not like hidden object game just do not forget!
So, what are you waiting for? You can escape the action and, if allowed to enjoy the run!
If you need to open the inner detective to escape each room. If you look beyond the obvious and depends on a number of puzzles you can solve. If you open the door and another tip movement and escape the room Can I connect the dots.
All those age children and an awesome brain training game for adults! Do not be late! Get this game now! Enjoy puzzle quest escape! Do not be late! Escape Now take the challenge!

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Version: Android 2.3.3 and higher