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Animal Sniper Deer Hunting

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting

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The description of Animal Sniper Deer Hunting

In this jungle, in order to survive, you have to overcome hunger, so hunting deer or other animal is the only way to live!

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting is the most popular first person shooter on Android this year!

Although it is not a battlefield here, but cruel as much as a war, these ferocious beasts will attack you at any time behind!

Game Features:
◆ 21 kinds of firearms, including all the mainstream market weapons: sniper rifles, rifles, shotguns and everything;
◆ 2 kinds of difficulty: Senior Hunter and Expert Hunter. Clear all the Senior Hunter levels, then can unlock Expert Hunters level;
◆ 3 hunting modes: Bounty mode; Challenge mode; Trial mode;
◆ Powerful upgrade system: Each gun can be hurt, stability, aiming, magazine capacity, for a single speed, quality, etc. to be upgraded
◆ For all mobile devices above Android 4.0;
◆ No network, no problem.

◆ Click the left and right screen button to control the gun left and right;
◆ Click aiming button, turn on sight mode;
◆ Click the shooting button to shoot;
◆ click reload button, add cartridge clip;
◆ Click Night Vision, turn on night vision.

Now hold carbines and bullets to hunt different animals, more surprises waiting for you to explore!

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[25.8 MB]