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100 doors horror

100 doors horror

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100 doors horror
100 doors horror
100 doors horror

The description of 100 doors horror

A terrible horror story, in which you must solve all the puzzles and get out of the horror house, is already waiting for you! Try to play at night, and you will understand why other terrible games are actually not so terrible. Gather your courage, find a way out of this sinister place, but remember that the most terrible doors will open only to the chosen ones!
Advantages of this terrible story:

Atmosphere Sinister atmosphere
Visit a world where everything is saturated with fear. Here, even the interiors of the rooms cause the heart to beat more often, and the hands - to shake!

Accompaniment Musical accompaniment
Perfectly selected sounds and music will emphasize the gloomy atmosphere, you will feel what fear and despair!

Riddles and puzzles
It's not easy to get out, because behind each door there is a new secret. And just guessing them all, you'll find a way out!

Test strength
To get out, you need courage and wisdom. Be prepared for unexpected turns!

Look at other features of this horror:

The most popular horror
What terrible games do you prefer to play on your mobile device? Of course, these are terrible stories with lots of puzzles and puzzles! Now you have a brilliant opportunity to go through all levels of doors and game rooms in Russian and get out alive. Do not miss the chance to play one of the worst horrors! Rather get all the horrors of the game for free and enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

Atmospheric horror: finding an exit
Start an incredible horror search with lots of secrets and surprises! The sinister room of the rooms will make you feel what it means to be lost and cursed, as in your favorite horror films. The sad atmosphere is aggravated by terrible sounds and music. Fear the taste, as well as the game "Doors of Horror"!
Doors - a puzzle for the bravest!
You have a brilliant opportunity to be in the midst of a detective story of horrors. Guaranteed growing expectations, unexpected twists and love of curiosity! Check your spirit by opening endless doors in this amazing puzzle. What could be more tempting? You will need these horror films - the games are free and understandable, but at the same time they challenge your intellect.

The Doors of Horror will give you:
- Real pleasure from terrible games
- Excellent test of mind and resistance
- Beloved for completeness of sensations

Immerse yourself in a world of horrors and secrets! Install a game that will make you tremble with delight!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher