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Troll face quest: Video games 2

Troll face quest: Video games 2

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Troll face quest: Video games 2
Troll face quest: Video games 2
Troll face quest: Video games 2

The description of Troll face quest: Video games 2

Insidious pranksters again come back with a completely new trolling nightmare: Troll Face Quest Video Games 2! Prikalyvaysya over the cult video games and scare to death a lot of characters. Get lost in the crazy world of gambling pranks and try not to fall for bait to troll-jokers!


• The legendary series of games about the draws of Troll Face Quest: it was installed more than 85 million times!
• Troll famous video games!
• Over 35 hilarious levels of insane pranks!
• Unlock the insane achievements!
• A lot of stupid collectible items!
• Wi-Fi is not required!
• Have fun on the crazy world of video games!


Prepare yourself for a trolling adventure that will take you to the glorious time when you played games all day long. Troll brave, hanging from the branches of children in tight shorts, steal the wheels from racing cards of Italian plumbers, play whole cities where theft, murder and lawlessness reign, and the evil of birds for no reason. Will you solve insane jokes and win a prize or will you be in a psychiatric hospital? The hour of reckoning has come for all these levels, which you never did.


The cycle of trolls and jokes awaits you in another incomprehensible game, from which you want to just break your cell phone against the wall. Watch the ball and the urine of the pranksters-characters of the video games, before they draw your dirt with the draws!

Do you have enough courage to drive out the stars of video games from your childhood with the help of your jokes?

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Version: Android 5.0 and higher