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Odysseus Kosmos and his robot Quest

Odysseus Kosmos and his robot Quest

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The description of Odysseus Kosmos and his robot Quest

Odyssey Cosmos and his robot Quest "is a cosmic comic quest in the traditions of adventure games of the nineties of the last century.
You play as astronaut Odysseus Cosmos, who has been waiting for his comrades for many years on a huge research spacecraft. The partner of the main character is the robot Barton Quest with a rather complex character!
The ship hovered in the orbit of a distant planet in the vicinity of a black hole in anticipation of a research group, but there is absolutely no time to miss the hero himself. Maintaining the performance of a huge ship, research work, strange phenomena caused by a huge black hole nearby - all this does not leave our hero a moment of peace. The player needs to help the hero cope with all these adversities, solve many puzzles and help the research team to return to the ship, regardless of the difference in the time flow.

Classic clever quest
Solve puzzles and puzzles to save your ship
Look at the ship and the space depicted in a chic, pixelated style.
Kind-hearted humor and fantastic plot
Complete surprises adventure of five episodes - and a pilot episode for free!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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