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Ship escape: Mystery adventure

Ship escape: Mystery adventure

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Ship escape: Mystery adventure
Ship escape: Mystery adventure
Ship escape: Mystery adventure

The description of Ship escape: Mystery adventure

We - the researchers, a small team, went on a sea voyage. Our route ran not far from the islands of Cuba. A small, but cozy boat sailed along the waves with a fair wind ...

The crew's goal was to solve the mystical quests that one of the scientists assigned us. He talked about ancient maps, which were a quest. Professor unraveled on them an intricate puzzle, in which it was told about the ancient genus of the Spaniards. Having transported ancient artifacts and treasures, these people had to constantly survive on the ship every time getting into the maelstrom of events, playing quests and puzzles in real life. For us, this task was - the most difficult puzzle that we ever perform. There have been various mystical stories, but today we were delighted in a double, were eager to move forward to new adventures and get into strange stories.

Noah in life is different and you never know where your ship will lead next time to try your luck and possibly get into the most incredible quest, survive at any cost. On our way, the captain and the ships ahead in the nearest radius reported that, according to the latest weather forecast, there were huge black storm clouds ahead of us, i.e. there is a storm.

The captain decided to do something like a quest to escape from a storm, that is, a maneuver, his skill was always at the level of aerobatics. To bypass the storm, then to return to our goal of following. As a result, the storm did not manage to bypass at all, the ship was damaged. It was necessary to be engaged in repair more likely, as such ships can not long go in such condition and can turn to the sunken ship. Repair of the ship, cost a small expense, you can say for free in Russian ("for free").

We were ready to go further, but the transmitter intercepted the distress signal, again the horror quest, from the ship, which still could not bypass the elements and got into the very storm. Without hesitation, we went to the rescue. Already accustomed to get into the woes or sea games! What could fate bring to us again?

Reaching the place of the wreck of the damned ship of the guys who sent the SOS signal, it was already clear that no one could escape and escape from the ship. There was a picture of floating rags of clothes, wreckage and several boxes. I had to feel the unpleasant feeling that this awful ship, resembling a ghost, cast.

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