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Mojin: Immortal seal

Mojin: Immortal seal

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Mojin: Immortal seal
Mojin: Immortal seal
Mojin: Immortal seal

The description of Mojin: Immortal seal

Explorer Lee suffered a curse in the course of finding the lost teammate(s), and was involved in a conspiracy schemed a thousand years ago. The stories happened in six different ages are intertwined. An ancient mystery buried in the five ancient tombs is to be revealed.
The immortal cause of the Ancient Three Sovereigns and the footprints of Liu An of Han Dynasty show the player a picture of long history, while the protagonist Lee will put an end to the picture according to the player's guidance.

This game, based on the theme of Venturing for Tomb Raiding, integrates operation, mystery solving, placement and survival. Getting into the tomb, players may feel the sense of survival crisis, the challenges in solving the mysteries of the traps, and the panic when monsters suddenly show up. The huge plot and world view are integrated with the ancient Chinese historical documents, thus it makes players feel as if actually being there for tomb raiding and meanwhile able to see another interpretation of the history.


1. Multi-element Venturing for Solving the Mysteries
The venture which integrates a number of elements, from the mutual promotion and restraint in battles to the various traps in the ancient tomb and from the choice of supplies to reasoning and solving mysteries, is the greatest pleasure of playing this game!

2. Complicated and Confusing Plot
With the immortal seal as the main clue, this work attracts players to go further and further with its mysterious plot, until they finally solved the panic mystery, by which it shows players a thrilling tour of tomb raiding.

3. A Variety of Characters
In this game, a player can use 34 characters, each of which has its unique talent and skill(s) helping them to present different abilities and functions in respects of operation, mystery solving, exploring, fighting, etc.

4. Simple and Funny Operation
It's a game provided with simple and interesting operation by making players to acquire supplies through exploration, obtain remuneration through fulfilling tasks in the black market, exchange for supplies with merchants by articles, and make various items and props to support the exploration in the stronghold(s).

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