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Dead Chronicles

Dead Chronicles

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Dead Chronicles
Dead Chronicles
Dead Chronicles

The description of Dead Chronicles

Two weeks since the outbreak, a horrible world wide infection.

I've been in my home since the beginning, trying to get back the TV signal, hiding hoping to wake up... but this nightmare is real.

I'm running out of food, no water and here comes the worst: no toilet paper.

Time to get out of here.

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Dead Chronicles is a free game where you should survive (another) zombie apocalipse.

Get the best gear and crush the undead. You have a lot of melee and range weapons (pistols, shotguns, rifles).

Choose wisely your gear! Is limited! Each bullet could be the last, try to get all the money to upgrade your stuff.

Faster! Stronger! Upgrade your character to become a lethal zombie hunter!

Dead Chronicles is now live with more levels to come!


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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher