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Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

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Above The Clouds
Above The Clouds
Above The Clouds

The description of Above The Clouds

Join Buddy the Tubby and his baby dragon on a unique and sweet odyssey within a Dreamland! Buddy has a dream, and that dream is to eat as much candy as he can. Now, he is living that dream within this game! If you have craving for some delicious candy, this is the perfect game for you because it will definitively satisfy your sweet tooth!

Stuck in a Dreamland, Buddy wants to eat all the candy that he can while riding his pet baby dragon. With simple, one-hand mechanics, this game is easy and fun to play. Only swiping and tapping, nothing crazy. Fly on your trusty companion and get as much candies as you can while trying to set the best score! But two things are getting in your way of eating them all – time and your family members, who are trying to put you off your mission and living the dream, eating all of those sweet sweet cakes and candies. So, fly high, above the clouds in your dreams where cookies are everywhere and you just need to eat them, avoid the obstacles and beat the time!

With simple mechanics and gorgeous graphics this game will definitively give you what you need – fun, humor and excitement! Bounce of your pet baby dragon to collect the candy laying on your way and avoid the obstacles that are in front of you. Having fun and eating candy sounds awesome right? So download Above the Clouds right now and see it for yourself!

For full enjoyment, this game needs to be played with phone in one hand and candy in another one!

• Gorgeous graphics and soothing environment
• Fun and challenging mechanics
• Easy to play and highly addictive
• Perfect your skills and set the highest score

Coming soon:
• Leaderboard
• Achievements
• New mechanics
• More skins

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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