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Ultimate Escape: Cursed School

Ultimate Escape: Cursed School

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Ultimate Escape: Cursed School

The description of Ultimate Escape: Cursed School

An atonement for sins or someone’s cruel joke, you find yourself inside the old school. You don’t know how you get here or what is your kidnapper plans. All exits are closed and every room is a trap, made by twisted mind. Only if you manage to complete all trials, you will understand why are you here and what is waiting you in the end.
Every puzzle you will meet on the first look doesn’t seem to have any logic behind them, You must think like a maniac, who trapped you there. Look carefully for clues and use your logic to the limits. Every tiny thing can free you from this prison.

● hard, but fair puzzles;
● living surroundings made by astonishing art and atmospheric sounds;
● twister story will be revealed only to the most perceptive players;
● modern view on a classic room escape.

The story consists of several chapters which will be released one after another. You can help to speed up development by playing the game, sharing your opinion in comments and spread the news about this game to your friends!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3 and up