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Survival Island and Rusty Desert

Survival Island and Rusty Desert

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Survival Island and Rusty Desert

The description of Survival Island and Rusty Desert

In Survival Island: Rusty Desert you found yourself on a place, that doesn't look like a safe place at all. The thing is that it's not animals or people are against you. This time it's mother nature. You are on a deserted island that is covered only with sand and the temperature is pretty high! You have to take care of your health and try not to stay on the sun for too long!

Survival Island: Rusty Desert is a great place for those who think they can survive in harsh situations. Those, who seek for another adventure, will have to look for everything that might come in handy to survive, every useful piece of resources may save your life and help you to live another day! Build shelters, craft weapons and become a real hunter!

Survival Island: Rusty Desert game features:
- Cool deserted island theme;
- Animal hunting simulator;
- Diverse crafting system;
- Beautiful 3D graphics;

If you are a big fan of survival games, if you like to look for a way out of almost hopeless situations and if you really love adventures then Survival Island: Rusty Desert is a perfect game for you! Everything you need gathered together in one place: beautiful 3D graphics, perfect survival simulator and diverse crafting system. Play Survival Island: Rusty Desert and enjoy your time and have fun! Good luck!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+