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Survival.IO and PVP Online

Survival.IO and PVP Online

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Survival.IO and PVP Online

The description of Survival.IO and PVP Online

Survival.IO! is a real time online MMORPG and it's called Rogue like survival battle!

Enjoy real time PVP survival on online with other players around the world!

[Game Features]
In an isolated location up to 200 users use the resources nearby to build equipment.
This is a game to compete with other players in real time and to survive as the last one. It also has a unique game play which combines RPG and survival genre

#1. In a short time, with the colorful graphics and simple control
you will feel the charms of RPG and survival game at the same time.

#2. It contains the growth like as RPG and the survival like as Mine craft and also the PVP like as Battle Ground.

[How to Play]
#1. Make powerful equipments by gathering the resource such as wood and stone and hunt the monsters!

#2. Since it's a online game you can enjoy PVP with other players
and it also shares the real time ranking! So take the first place with your survival strategy!

#3. There are a lot of quest and hidden story inside the game.
Feel the impression of the reversal story!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+