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The Viking Way Free

The Viking Way Free

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The Viking Way Free

The description of The Viking Way Free

Vikings are brave warriors, their courage is well known across the lands! Follow them their way, crush, burn and destroy everyone and everything in a new addictive arcade for Android!

As the most Viking stories do, our story begins near the northern shore of the British Islands... It was the painful morning after the night before for the Viking Jarl Volund Alebarrel. His brethren were in the same bad shape. The situation was critical! Only a few barrels of good british wine could help them...

Follow Jarl Alebarrel on his way to the throne! Enjoy addictive arcade/puzzle gameplay! Tons of fun, smooth physics and high quality graphics.

+ Three games in one! +
* Classical sling shot mode with Balista
* First person shooting mode
* Moving targets mode

+ Beautiful graphics and atmospheric music! +
+ Addictive gameplay, easy to learn, hard to master! +
+ Funny characters and story! +
+ Smooth physics! +
+ Many challenging levels and more coming soon! +
+ Collect Golden Coins to open more levels! +
+ Regular updates will bring new levels and characters! +
+ Tablet and phone support +

Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Please let us know if you'll have any issues with the game.

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+