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Prisoner Survive Mission

Prisoner Survive Mission

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Prisoner Survive Mission

The description of Prisoner Survive Mission

Dark forces are manipulating everything behind the scenes!
To survive or to die? You have to make the choice!
Something is hidden behind the corrupt prison!
How can you escape here?!

Game features:
Bloody prison fight!Defeat the enemy and escape!
The smooth movementswill bringyou a different gaming experience

Various challenges in the game:
You need to crack various obstacles and pass a number of small games. Use your own smart brain to solve them one by one!
Unlocked levels, number guessing, puzzles…Come and try your ability!
You can choose whether to fight or avoid the obstacle directly, as long as you can live to reach the goal! Try your best to keep alive!

The various weapons in the game will give you an exciting combat experience;
Practice your skills to enhance your abilities;
You can improve your physical fitness;
You can strengthen your ability to use items;
You can even improve your efficiency through solving puzzles!

Look for clues, get hidden items, and avoid the monitoring to find the right way to escape.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 2.3 and up