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Power Hover

Power Hover

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Power Hover
Power Hover
Power Hover

The description of Power Hover

Power Hover is an action game about hoverboarding robots!
Game features an original soundtrack from the Retry musician Ted Striker.

As you ride your hoverboard through the game, a story about the odd and desolate world of the robots starts to unfold.

- Defy Gravity and Enjoy the freedom of controlling a hoverboard.
- Enjoy beautiful pseudo-low-poly art style.
- Beat the Levels full of surprises and challenges.
- Experience the story, told through small interactive cutscenes.
- Explore the beautiful landscapes and multiple different themes.
- Compete with your friends on the Boss levels.

Notice: Power Hover contains third party advertising which can be removed via a one time in-app purchase.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 3.0 and higher