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Stepping Stone With Papa

Stepping Stone With Papa

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Stepping Stone With Papa
Stepping Stone With Papa
Stepping Stone With Papa

The description of Stepping Stone With Papa

Adventure with Meshu, the Old Bachelor,
and Cute Children!

5 year-old girl Mary, who lost her parents in the war…
Careless but warm-hearted old bachelor Meshu
decided to become a Daddy for little Mary!

Homeless pranksters gather around Meshu
who decided to become a best Daddy!

Adventure with best Daddy Meshu and little Pranksters!
Let's jump~ jump!

◈ Warm-hearted story in the game
- Feel the love of the Daddy.
- Become a Daddy for cute little pranksters from all around the world.
◈ Fun and Beautiful Episode Maps
- Various Episode Maps where Daddy and Children can play.
- From Cold Ice Rift to Hot Underground Cave! Adventure awaits you!
- Different traps are waiting for you in each episode.
- If your love for this game burns, update will continue forever~!
◈ One-Step Jumping Stone. Jump~ Jump~! Two Different Game Mode
- Easy Game : Tap Left, Middle, and Right!
Simple control for everyone!
- Hard Game: Tap Front, Sides, Double Jump!
Harder the game, better reward you will get!
◈ Distinctive Pranksters! Super Rookies!
- Meet 10 lovely children and grow them.
- Get more than 30 mysterious treasures to achieve higher record!
- More pranksters and treasures will come and find Daddy~!

◈ Play with Friends All Around the World!
: Enjoy with Global Friends.
Compete with your friends using Rival System!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher