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Five nights at jurassic world

Five nights at jurassic world

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Genetically Dinosaur Biotechnology Research Center, there was a technical failure in the security system. Help should take shelter until five at night in the control room. Camera control and severe Dilophosaurus, fast and powerful Tyrannosaurys Rex Velociraptor close the doors to protect yourself!
Rule 1: 6:00 until 5 nights living cameras control and closing the door.
Rule 2: (cameras, lights and closed the door to use) the battery is consumed.
Rule 3: Rex Tyrannosaurys the room (number 13) have to close the door. Tyrannosaurys Rex enters through the other side of the door, you maybe minutes in seconds (fear?) Will die.
Rule 4: You need to explore the Jurassic world cameras quickly return to your room and not consume a lot of energy. To do this, "you," says the "x" click.
Rule 5: Jurassic dinosaurs near your room, always close the door and check the lights. Close the door just a few seconds you see a dinosaur.
Rule 6: Jurassic dinosaurs, the door of your room at different times of the attacks.
Rule 7: You need to calm down. Good luck !!!

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