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Jump Jump Cube : Endless Square (Vault Arcade)

Jump Jump Cube : Endless Square (Vault Arcade)

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The description of Jump Jump Cube : Endless Square (Vault Arcade)

Wow, Check out this FUN and ADDICTIVE simple casual game! It's so sick that you don't even want to hang out with your girlfriend or boyfriend anymore! Jump Jump Cube will totally wow you.

■ Endless challenges make it ADDICTIVE
* Adjust the length of the stick with a simple touch, release the finger to let the cube vault over the obstacle.
* Jump Jump Cube will give you endless obstacles! Can you predict how much tall or short obstacles are coming? You will have to try hard not to get addictive on this game :P
* Feel the thrill as you successfully pass obstacles more and more challenging.

■ Unique and attractive Visuals.
* As I said! This game will wow you. It's sick. SO! Why don't you try to get some costume for your cube? It has unique costumes for your cube! Pick your favorite flag! Oops, you don't want your cube to wear any flags? Don't worry! If you don't like flag, you can pick some funny-squared face!
* Dive into a futuristic and colorful universe.

■ Easy to Play, Hard to Master this fun vault arcade game!
* Challenge yourself to the ENDLESS limit of your abilities.
* Become a master of the game bring your cube to the highest levels.
* It will be so painful to see your score is lower than your friends! OR, you can make them feel painful with your higher score. Being painful is terrible. Compete and win over talented players from all over the world!

Now, enjoy the new kind of vault arcade game with 'Jump Jump Cube'!

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Download on Google Play
Version: Android 4.1 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[21 MB]

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