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Doodle Space

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Doodle Space
Doodle Space
Doodle Space

The description of Doodle Space

Survival of the universe at your fingertips.

Interplanetary space battle needs a commander like you! Take part in interstellar space war in the distant future with your basic spaceship, “Doodler”. You will control Doodler craft in fights to avoid incoming enemy fighters.

In this interstellar arcade game, you are the captain of the Doodle Colony. Your galactic fleet starts out with Doodler, but as your society develops, you will get better fighter ships and reach the galactic coins to improve your colony.

Improve your survival skills, defend your colony, add power ups to upgrade your craft.
If you like endless runner and survival games, Doodle Space is the one you should play. In this fighter game you will be faced with an increasingly large number of meteors, asteroids and enemy strikers. As you collect galactic coins, you will upgrade your spacecraft or expand your colony by adding more powerful defensive units or space ships.

Your aim will be quite challenging in that you have to grow your colony and discover the unknown areas in the galaxy. This is not your average shooter game and you have no weapons to shoot the enemy units. However, you will be attacked by enemy fighters and asteroids, so you will have to get rid of those attacks. We hope you will be skilled enough to understand enemy strategy and attack patterns.

Tap the screen to control the ship, avoid the enemies and asteroids moving towards you.
The funniest arcade space game on mobile.


- High quality doodle style hand-drawn graphics and animations.
- Four alternative dubstep in-game music and sound effects
- Learn to fly in the tutorial screen and then head out into the stars. Use brake and speed up buttons to control the ship before starting the game.
- Four different power ups before starting the adventure: Magnet, Shield, Score Multiplier and Health Booster.
- 6 different enemy types
- Collect galactic coins to unlock higher level space rockets.
- Unique, never before seen gameplay on mobile
- 12 classes of space ships and galactic equipments such as shield, magnet, 2x multiplier, xTra health.

Upgrade your battle ship, avoid incoming enemies, collect powerful bonus items and galactic coins on your journey through an endless universe.

Doodle Colony - Ships:

1) Doodler:
2) Basic Magnet
3) Sky Shield
4) 2x.io
5) Air Magnet
6) Plasma Shield
7) 3x.io
8) Space Magnet
9) Solar Shield
10) 4x.io
11) Dragon Wings
12) Doodle Defender

Learn to fly at the tutorial screen and then head out into the doodle space in this adventure game. If you like to play survival games and completing space missions, Doodle space is the one for you.

While driving your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of a large number of asteroids and enemy attacks. You will have a change to explore the enemies outside the screen with their projectiles coming from the deep space.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.2 and higher