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Panda power

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Panda power
Panda power
Panda power

The description of Panda power

Help! The stars fly away from the lighthouse! The land of Panda is in the dark! Are you brave enough to help the Panda Man?

Panda Power is an innovative gaming platform that combines Story Mode with editing mode. Jump and run with Panda Man Four in a variety of mysterious lands with many exciting levels of difficulty!

Lovely night in Panda Land. Panda Master and Panda Man Four (RED, WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE) enjoy the stars. But suddenly the stars fly away, and the darkness covers the sky. Panda Master says Panda Man four: "Go and return the stars as soon as possible. It's your mission to make Earth Panda again brighter! But be careful, because there are things that can seriously hurt you ... "
Now the task of Panda Man Four is finding the stars. Help them defeat the unpleasant things in this wonderful journey. Jump and go through Panda Power and enjoy the various amazing, wonderfully designed worlds with several levels.

You can run, but you can not hide. When evil things catch you, this is a game. Are you ready to accept this challenge? Let's go to!

Panda Power stands out:
+ 2 game options
* History Mode - select a scene to challenge yourself
* Edit mode - Catch people's eyes with their unique DIY cards
+ 2 modes of game mode - normal mode and hard mode
+ Unlock cool new characters - red, white, yellow, blue
+ Explore the various mysterious lands with difficulty levels
+ Compare your progress with the success of your friends on Facebook
+ Classic gaming platform style with modern gaming ability
+ Great animation and game graphics

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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