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Swarm simulator

Swarm simulator

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Swarm simulator
Swarm simulator
Swarm simulator

The description of Swarm simulator

Swarm Simulator is a strategic clicker game that has already become insanely popular in the desktop version, and is now available in the mobile version.

Click and click to overcome the path from the lower level of the larvae and drones to the powerful supermind of the hive ... and above! Use poisonous stings and gluttony to seize territory and expand production. Donate pawns in the name of prosperity of the colony and the highest goal - the capture of the entire galaxy.
Build your insect swarm and conquer the universe in Swarm Simulator!

== Features of Swarm Simulator ==

• Infinite play with clicks and clicks
• Increased automation of production for the convenience of the game

Elements of Evolution
• Simple evolution and resource management elements
* Development of insects: larvae transform into dozens of species and classes of insects

Game with resource management
• Simulator of life of insects: build your hive
• Manage stocks of meat, larvae and territory to create more powerful units
• Endless gaming opportunities: choose your production path

Unique classes and mutations of insects
• Uterus, military bees, devourers and others
• Territory development: redistribution of resources from evolution to capture
• Elements of science fiction: a new sci-fi graphics complement the text-based board game

Endless game - transitions
• Premium mode: transition to other worlds with new mutations and gameplay P
• Development of an army of insects from larvae to uterus with absolutely new possibilities

Classic text game is now available for mobile devices in a stunning 3-dimensional form. Download Swarm Simulator right now and capture the galaxy!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher