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Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix

Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix

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Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix
Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix
Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix

The description of Fast cars: Formula racing grand prix

Imagine yourself as one of the formula racing drivers! You are driving one of the fastest cars and compete with the most famous racers from all over the world! Isn’t that cool?
Can you feel the racing fever? This car driving game is suitable for the top speed lovers! If you enjoy the sound and the smell of burning rubber, you must play this game. Follow your dreams and avoid crash of cars!


We have just finished to assemble four fast cars: Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas and Raikkonen. Choose the most attractive one and start racing! Become one of the race kings and beat your rivals. Racing fever just started.


There are 12 levels and two worlds: Grand Prix and World Cup. You have the possibility to race with different fast cars in each level on the highest grade asphalt tracks. Be careful, do not make crash of cars. Explore racing tracks, explode barrels and win the first place! Prove that you are one of the best drivers and have a place among race kings. Leave no chance for other racers to occupy your position! Racing fever is around us!


Race in the world of fantasy where racing tracks are made of asphalt, steel or wood. Control fast cars on moving constructions or try to overcome muddy sections. You are far from the city buzz, but in the centre of fans’ attention.
You will never know what’s ahead until you dare to go forward. Watch out for crashes, smashes and bashes! - this car driving championship is full of surprises! Watch road signs and stay away from crash of cars.


Everyone is in racing fever and dreaming about being among race kings. Fight hard to get it yourself! Your team will support you in all the difficult moments. Trust your pit crew and captain. Focus on driving and finish first! Remember that race kings are the most tough drivers.
Control your racing car carefully. Drift slowly, but firmly.
◆ Ready, set, GO with the start button and move your racing car forward on the best asphalt tracks.
◆ Use ARROW buttons to make incredible stunts, front and back flips.
◆ Do not forget to come back everyday to COLLECT COINS. Use them to get a new racing car and unlock new world.
This educational app is a free to play. Take care of your racing car, avoid crash of cars and enjoy this intense car driving at it’s fullest!


◆ Physics-based formula cars
◆ Smooth gameplay
◆ Simple controls
◆ Best quality asphalt tracks
◆ Drift to corners
◆ Exceptional emotions
Play thrilling drift game and invite all your family and friends to join.


Racing and drift games are good for learning to STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-preservation and self-control. Enjoy the fastest racing game and IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills.


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This formula racing game is completely free to play, but it also offers in-app purchases.


Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher and developer of innovative, high-quality and free-to-play mobile games designed for families. Company is famous for its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Search Tiny Lab Productions on the app store and discover even more fun games!

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