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Breaking gates: 2D action RPG

Breaking gates: 2D action RPG

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Breaking gates: 2D action RPG
Breaking gates: 2D action RPG
Breaking gates: 2D action RPG

The description of Breaking gates: 2D action RPG

A fascinating combination of the classic platform gameplay with a quick battle and insane combo break-ins and slash!

Breaking Gates is a platform for mixing scrollers and adventure elements with a hacker and slash game. Super exciting graphics and fun and easy gameplay! Defeat several opponents with eerie combos, combinations and special attacks! Level up, improve your character, collect valuable items!

★ Be careful in combat!
Move fast, jump, attack and dodge! Perform various combinations of strokes to deal more damage to enemies! Do not take a break so that the enemy attacks you!

★ Many combos!
Manage skills through various commands, controls are simple and incredible combos are easy to do. Choose the best time to use the team and create a combo in your style. Here, the higher the number of hits, the more damage will be done to your attack!

★ Fascinating and colorful 2D graphics!
Go through the map with charismatic and interesting visual effects.

★ Incredible combination of Action and Adventure RPG!
Collecting items and increasing their level, explore jumping and moving dashes of cards to gain access to higher surfaces.

★ Complete missions in search of medals!
The people of the kingdom need your help, talk to them and carry out their missions in order to win fame and become the greatest adventurer in the world!

★ Find many valuable items and secret ways!
Explore the map and find the secret passages and rare items! You can create various applications that increase your power!


1. This is an example version, which is still undergoing final testing before the official version and may contain malfunctions and errors.

2. Ideal for playing Breaking Gates, is on a device with 1.5 GB of RAM or higher. If your device does not meet the requirements, there may be performance or failure problems.

3. Your device requires a minimum of 200 MB of free space so that the installation can be performed properly.
4. You must have access to the Internet connection for playback. Give preference to a Wi-Fi connection, you may be charged for mobile data.

5. After downloading the game requires additional downloads.

6. After the removal, the game progress will be lost.

7. The game is available in English and Portuguese in Brazil (language settings can be changed in the game).

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Version: Android 3.2 and higher