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Struckd: 3D game creator

Struckd: 3D game creator

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Struckd: 3D game creator
Struckd: 3D game creator
Struckd: 3D game creator

The description of Struckd: 3D game creator

This is a creative gaming community to build, play and share games with friends.

Have you ever dreamed of building your own game in a simple and intuitive way, set your rules and create characters without coding? Create a vibrant and exciting 3D world with your family and friends?

Struckd is the most advanced platform for creating games!


Choose one of the many game packages to build your first game step by step. Choose a genre from racing games to Tower Defense and Action Puzzlers. Help the characters tell their story.

Or do you want to build a game based only on your imagination? Combine elements from different game styles to create your own rules. This is your universe!

After you win the game, you can share it with her: invite your friends to complete the complex levels you created. Play the games created by the community: everything that you will find is created by users and open to study.

Experiment, create and play in this interactive virtual world!


- Three-dimensional game designer with drag-and-drop: to adjust the game has never been easier!
- A collection of games: play thousands of user-generated games, put likes and comment!
- A huge community: rise in the standings, set a record and fight with your friends!
- Social creativity: build with your family and get involved in the creative process together!
- Game elements: season your creations ready for use by game elements!
- Game Packs: sets of game elements and templates will help you customize the gameplay!
- For beginners: maps and tutorials will help you start from scratch!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.4 and higher