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Gravity dash: Runner game

Gravity dash: Runner game

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Gravity dash: Runner game
Gravity dash: Runner game
Gravity dash: Runner game

The description of Gravity dash: Runner game

Get ready for one of the most challenging runner games on your mobile

Gravity Dash is a classic designed platformer runner in 8 bit retro pixel art style, allowing gravity switch and dash attack.
The Earth is threatened by strange monsters and only one hero has the right to save the world. Thanks to a specially shaped heavy suit, your hero is able to even exceed the rules of physics by flipping heaviness upside down.
Jump from platform to platform and save the day!


Run, jump and dash through the iron dungeon and overcome the myriad obstacles only made to kill you.
Take advantage of flipping gravity, rushing through this pixelized nightmare traps.
Prepare for one of the most challenging games on the game store. Believe in your will and sharpen your reactions and skills.
Prepare to die, a lot.

Action RUN and Dash ADVENTURE

Go quickly through bloody saws and thorns and sneak your little pixel hero Lika Ninja through tiny blanks to avoid your death. Crush the angry Bazooka orcs of monsters trying to destroy the squares on your way. Clash along with tiny Flappy birds trying to block their way and run heavy armored whiskers mustache.
These guys will not listen to your story, just take them!

Holiday for lovers of retro

Enjoy crispy pixel art retro graphics, along with a beautifully made chiptune soundtrack.
In this game, you will die a lot, defend your life, roid rage, punch quest, disco zoo, shadow blade, Endless Boss Fight, try to calm down before you break your mobile phone on the next wall.

Give your record with your friends on the leaderboard and prove yourself how hardcore your reactions are.


+ Gravity flip and dash attack
+ Proof yourself in mission mode and overcome the most difficult tasks
+ Compete with friends in endless mode and share your account
+ Beautifully made 8 bit retro pixel graphics
+ Several enemies to crush, including the furious rocket orcs and the mustache of knights

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher