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Medieval business clicker

Medieval business clicker

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Medieval business clicker
Medieval business clicker
Medieval business clicker

The description of Medieval business clicker

Welcome brave adventurer to Medieval Business Clicker! The most entertaining business simulator plenty of exciting adventures.

Have you ever dreamed of making a good fortune and succeed in a legendary world? What if you were rich enough to rule a magical kingdom?

This is your game! Become a fighter! Be engage in a struggle against adversity!
You´ll be playing the role of a young dreamer ready to conquer the world. You will change the course of your fate running your own amazing businesses. You will achieve your goals and accumulate a great amount of wealth. You´ll have money to burn!

You will start as a street musician short of cash begging for a few coins...and you´ll end raising money enough to build castles, gather together an army, managing a port, or who knows ... learning the secrets of magic in a realm where opening a business will involve rub shoulders with orcs, elves, wizards and witches.

You can invest, manage, hire, buy and sell goods and services. You´ll set up in business as any profession you can imagine. You´ll become a game changer in a ruthless world.
Hire the best managers to increase your company´s profits, purchase for innovative and unique upgrades, make investments in pioneering projects, travel to unknown kingdoms, and let the original soundtrack blow your mind away to the Middle Ages. Enjoy it!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher