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Double traffic race

Double traffic race

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Double traffic race
Double traffic race
Double traffic race

The description of Double traffic race

Check your reaction and last longer in a dense stream of cars. The road is filled with trucks and cars, and you have to manage not one but two cars at once. Do not make accidents and set records, which no other players dreamed of!

• Bright colorful graphics
• Confident machine management
• Exciting gameplay
• Constantly increasing speed
• Several types of other cars on the road
• Simple intuitive interface
• Low performance requirements for the device
• A unique game with the control of two machines

Management and gameplay:
• Press and hold the right or left side of the screen to move the car to the appropriate side
• Let go of the machine to return to its original position
• Hold on as long as possible without accidents in survival mode

Development and improvement plans:
Double Traffic Race - this is the most simple and incredibly exciting racing game, which will constantly evolve. Regular updates and bug fixes will appear systematically. It is planned to add new features and game features!
Check the application for updates and continue to amaze everyone with its ability to cope with dense urban traffic

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher