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Grenade thrower 3D

Grenade thrower 3D

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Grenade thrower 3D
Grenade thrower 3D
Grenade thrower 3D

The description of Grenade thrower 3D

Do you want to know which of you is a grenade launcher? Destroy the opponents of grenades! Throw a grenade right at the target! The game has a simple intuitive control. It's not hard to aim and throw grenades! Look how funny your opponents explode and throw grenades on purpose! But do not forget that you can become a victim of the explosion, because opponents also throw grenades at you.
In the first version of the game you have the opportunity to throw a grenade and earn points for hits. The more explosions, the more fun and points! Look how your opponents fly to small parts! Go into the store and buy your glasses and helmets, which will protect you and make the game even more interesting!
Destroy opponents with grenades, otherwise the grenade will fly to you!
The update is already available! Two new types of grenades appeared in the game, design and physics were changed. Write us your suggestions for improving the gameplay, all your comments we read.
Have a good game!
The mechanics of the game are similar to a spear thrower, archers and catapult

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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