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Chamelrun: Chameleon run!

Chamelrun: Chameleon run!

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The description of Chamelrun: Chameleon run!

A new action running game has come!
Run and match color puzzles!

■ Breaking through the various stages,
discover the secrets of Super Chameleon!

■ Dot graphic color exploding,
and color particles crumble like starlight.

■ Win the confrontation with the big boss
for the mission success!

■ No more just simple running game!
Now jump, swim, run in line!

■ Explore more than 100 puzzle stages
in Chameleon World today!

A new type of running game that you've never seen before!
Now, unlock the color puzzles, ride the rhythm and follow the super chameleon!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.4 and higher

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