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Pepi hospital

Pepi hospital

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Pepi hospital
Pepi hospital
Pepi hospital

The description of Pepi hospital

Visit PEPI HOSPITAL and become a doctor, patient or just a curious researcher! Our new addition to the large family of Pepi Play games is an extensive medical center with a variety of different subjects, activities and game possibilities. Join our characters in their workplace, calm and heal the sick, create your own stories, read the daily routine of a busy hospital.


Familiarize yourself with the diverse everyday life of the hospital from a small and cozy cafe to a pharmacy or operating room, in which the work boils - so players will be able to experience different experiences. The ambulance car will regularly arrive with new patients, which you will have to take care of, and maybe you will be able to make friends. Only the most intelligent players will be able to find all possible ways of treatment. It's also an amazing opportunity to create different game scenarios.


Despite the fact that the game is intended for a young audience, everyone can (and should) find a way to join it. The game encourages parents to spend time with children and use the developing qualities of the game. While your child opens opportunities on each of the 4 floors of the hospital, you can direct him, create and develop character stories or explain the nature and purpose of various items, thereby expanding the child's vocabulary and deepening basic medical knowledge.


Diversify your game with hundreds of interactive objects that are easy to move between floors. Inhabitants of Pepi Hospital can offer medical instruments, toys and even balls for yoga - the results will be the most unpredictable. And that's not even talking about the many opportunities to dress your favorite heroes!


In PEPI HOSPITAL you can meet many different characters. Dozens of nice, cheerful and unique little men, pets, monsters and aliens will help you fun and playfully explore the building of our hospital.


We are pleased to introduce our new character - medical robot Pape Bot, created to accompany small players around the world of our game. Pepy Bot is a cute and very gifted friend, able to follow you through the building and immediately come to the rescue of you and your patients. Armed with the latest technology, Papi Bot is the perfect friend that will provide you with a company, embodying interactive stories. A cute little droid will provide medical instruments and can even carry your wardrobe if you want to play stylishly!


- A huge medical center with many different items and equipment!
- Multifunctional bot-companion.
- Open your own laboratory - measure blood pressure, take X-rays and much more!
- Make yourself comfortable in the tuned dentist's chair.
- Become a physiotherapist, create your own exercise program!
- Take the newborn. Weigh them and provide good care for them.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher