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Elephant evolution: Create mammoth mutants

Elephant evolution: Create mammoth mutants

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The description of Elephant evolution: Create mammoth mutants

Now let's talk about elephants! They are very, very noisy, and some even know how to fly! What impudence!

That's why you need to select and connect different kinds of these creatures and change their pesky character traits once and for all!

It's incredibly difficult, but your hard work will bear fruit!

The Pantheon is a new place for the higher beings, from where they look upon us, sinners, and laugh at our insignificance

Pretenders - beware of impostors trying to steal a searchlight from elephants.

-Trip similar elephants to create new amazing creatures
-Use elephant eggs to receive coins, buy new creatures and earn even more money
-If you desperately beat an elephant so that the coins jump out of its eggs

Different stages and many new types of elephants
Incredible story with unexpected twists!
Unexpected combination of evolution of alpaca type and incremental clicker
Karakul illustrations
The plot with an open ending. Enjoy the freedom!
No elephant was harmed while creating this game, only the developers

Here you can be noisy!

Please note! This game is free, but it contains elements that can be purchased for real money. Some functions and additional elements mentioned in the description can also be purchased for real money.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher