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Smeshariki. The begining

Smeshariki. The begining

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The description of Smeshariki. The begining

The world is in danger! Smeshariki decided to become superheroes, to help the brave Lucien from the TV in the fight against Evil and went to save everyone. But the heroes do not immediately become - this title must be earned. Help Smeshariki!

In your hands a mixture of arcade and adventure, consisting of 3 parts. Each part is a unique story, the main characters of which are Smeshariki and YOU. But to defeat the villains, friends are needed, and if it's Smeshariki, endowed with unique superpowers, then you will be able to overcome any difficulty in your path. And if this is not one, but two whole round friends, then you will never have to be sad!

Manage their actions, and together you will cope with all the game tasks, earn many awards and titles. You will visit not only the cozy world of the country Smeshariki, but also in a huge metropolis, where everything is grown-up!

"Smeshariki. Start "- become a real superhero!

• Favorite Characters
• Combining the super abilities of the characters for the passing of the game
• Interactive world and destructible objects
• Steep bosses

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher