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Little jumper: Golden springboard

Little jumper: Golden springboard

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The description of Little jumper: Golden springboard

Participate in an endless race and have fun from the heart!
You will have an exciting adventure with cute animals!
- Try your reflexes, avoiding dangerous obstacles.
Instantly decide which of the animals is safer,
and then jump on their backs!

Feel like a cowboy in the wild with lots of animals.

Rules of the game
∙ Drag your finger across the screen to move your character to the left and right.
∙ Jump to the beasts on their backs.
∙ Avoid collisions with obstacles, dangerous animals and birds.

Features of the game
- Manage the character easily: just move your finger across the screen.
- Simple and addictive arcade game for all ages.
- Decisions about jumping develop attention and ability to assess the situation.
- The level of fever increases when you are a cowboy jumping on the back of the beast.
- Feel the delight of right decisions and funny sounds.
- Feel on yourself all the delights of rodeo in the "Hot" mode.
- Beautiful graphics and animation.
- Lovely animals and pleasant landscapes pleases the eye and soothe.
- Levels in the savannah and jungle allow you to feel yourself on a safari. What can we say about the glacier and the volcano.
- Unique and charming animals.
- Make friends with the animals that you usually meet only in the zoo.
- Chickens, chickens, rabbits, owls, penguins, cats, dogs, raccoons, koalas and many others!
- Collect your collection of animals that can quickly escape.
∙ Play on any phone!
- Download only 50 megabytes and start playing! Moreover, the game can be run on any phone or tablet

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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