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Magus: In search of adventure

Magus: In search of adventure

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Once, while walking through the forest, Magus came across a strange structure, similar to a magical portal. In a flash of an eye, the door opened and moved him into a strange and unusual world. Here Magus found an ancient treasure map, which lay directly on the grass.
The path to the jewels is full of adventures and dangers: they are guarded by the guards - revived fly agarics, caterpillars and even carnivorous flowers! All of them are extremely hostile
Together with you Magus will have to learn the basics of magical wisdom to fight enemies with the help of a magic elixir, create temporary platforms and make breaks in the vertical walls of labyrinths.
This game will appeal to all fans of the classic game Lod Runner. Ahead of you waiting for 90 exciting levels, located in 3 game worlds. Each labyrinth is a fun logical task, for the solution of which you need not only to think quickly, but also to run fast,

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher

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