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The description of Superfarmers

Hay, a great day to escape from the city! Build a Super Dream Farm where everything is not what it looks like, and participate in the fascinating adventures of these Superheroes!

Think before you a simple truck? Of course not, his reactive pull is capable of delivering orders to anywhere in the world, to any city, or village almost instantly. And this old barn? Look closely, because you have a high-tech, superhero information center! Even the toad behind the wheat bed is not so simple. Believe me: on the Super Farm every fruit is amazing!
In secret: Superheroes are also people, with the usual drawbacks: they can not warm themselves up properly, nor mend their socks. Therefore, it is our farms that guard the peace and prosperity of the whole planet. And Heroes? Well, heroes, they are just lazy celebrities, because all the real work for them we do - Superfermers!

- Build a Super Farm of the world scale!
-Support superheroes to save the world by fulfilling their orders
-Organize the supply of products by land, water and air
-Create the secret headquarters of the Superheroes
- Open new continents and collect collections from around the world
-Connect Superheroes and become part of a super team

This world needs a Super Farmer!
Set the game and join our ranks! Start playing now!

Super Farm is a free game (some game elements can also be purchased for real money)

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.4 and higher