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Arrow swings

Arrow swings

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Arrow swings
Arrow swings
Arrow swings

The description of Arrow swings

Arrow Swings is joyful, free arcade-style game in which you can shoot at the right spot of the building to reach the next platform. Keep shooting and swinging from platform to platform in one direction to reach a highscore. The arrow should generate enough rope to reach the next platform.
Simple one touch game play with interesting Paper Graphics, lots of twists that will keep you entertained for hours!
It’s a simple physics based game which strictly follows the laws of physics. The game starts with hero and a bow in his hand,who has to swing from one platform to another platform in one direction with the help of rope and bow. The player needs to aim and shoot the arrow at the right spot of building so that the arrow generates enough rope to reach the next platform in a given time frame. After hitting the building player swings using the rope hanging from the building from the current platform to next platform in one direction.
If the player misses the time frame,the arrow misses the building and game is over. Even if player fails to aim or fails to hit the right spot on the building, player might not successfully land on the next platform and can hit any side of platform. This makes player to fall from any side of platform due to the gravity and laws of physics.
Push your skills to the limit as you have to aim right to swing through the changing platforms,while swinging don’t forget to collect the diamonds/gems which can be used to unlock the amazing and interesting Players/Heroes and Bows.
Once you’ve sharpened your skills and reflexes you can reach to the highscores and unlock the amazing Achievements. Compare your score with your friends to rise through the ranks and reach the top of the leaderboard! Enjoy free gifts in every 5 hours.
Challenge your friends on the leader boards or invite your friends through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc to prove who the best Arrow Swinger is

Game Features.

Free Arcade game with new revolutionary paper graphics and interesting gameplay
A family fun arcade suitable for all ages
Single handed One tap game
Changing gameplay with amazing soundtrack
Collect diamonds/gems to unlock new players and bows.
Lots of achievements to unlock.
Receive free rewards/free gifts!
Challenge yourself with the near impossible in this endless game!
Challenge your friends by sharing your highscores
Easy to play hard to master game.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher

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