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Bomb Riders

Bomb Riders

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Bomb Riders
Bomb Riders
Bomb Riders
Bomb Riders

The description of Bomb Riders

Plunge into the world of BOMB RIDERS which excites the fantasy of the most experienced gamer!
Download the Bomber -> choose your Mount -> bomb villains ->discover uncharted worlds ->beware of insidious traps ->release hostages ->receive awards.
BOMB by yourself or CHALLENGE the gamers from around the world.
Become the BEST!


-> At the core of the gameplay is the classic Bomber game;
-> Fascinating missions in diverse worlds;
-> Unpredictable enemies and dangers;
-> Chance to choose your mount and increase your abilities and appearance;
-> Bonuses for the best walkthrough;
-> Online multiplayer with 4 players in different locations;
-> Intuitive controls and interface;
-> Regular updates...

See you at the BOMB RIDERS...!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up