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Software Riot

Software Riot

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Software Riot
Software Riot
Software Riot
Software Riot

The description of Software Riot

Help the programmer to survive against a powerful computer virus!

The story of this game begins in the office of a big software development company. The new hostile malware started a riot against humanity and took under control the most of electronic devices connected to the internet. Our hero – programmer named Jim – has just woken up in the storeroom and realized all his colleagues disappeared and all machines are corrupted with a computer virus.
To win this game you will need to eliminate infected devices, go up the office building, disable the Mainframe and stop the riot.

* Communicate with co-workers using the laptop
* Upgrade your computer skills
* Take parts from electronic devices to craft utilities
* Avoid obstacles and traps
* Use your skills to destroy enemy devices

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 5.0 and up